Ukraine Fundraiser

We’re collaborating with local Ukrainian artist Irina Cumberland to raise funds for the people of Ukraine.

With a $40 donation or more, as a thank you, we will give you a beautiful Yoga Coloring book made by Irina Cumberland. You can also choose to have this beautiful coloring book sent to Ukrainian Refugees. For now we’ll start off by sending pages. Hopefully in the very near future we’ll be able to send these coloring books to Ukraine, so that these books can be used as a tool to process trauma from this horrible war.


Select Donation Recipient * 

100% of the proceeds of the collected funds will go to the people of Ukraine. We have chosen two organizations, one for non-lethal supplies for the troops, or a humanitarian organization. Please select where you would like your donation to go.

Add Shipping to Receive the Coloring Book

Select this option if you would like to have the coloring book shipped to you for a flat rate $5 shipping fee.