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Casual CoworkingTM

Now Open

Take a break from working from home in our Casual Coworking space, an enhanced workspace optimized for you to be your most productive self.

How it Works – Please allow 5 min to check in for first-time use.

Step 1

Have one of our staff create a profile/tab for you. ID* and Credit Card required.

Step 2

Casual Cowork.

Step 3

Close your tab by filling out your Check-Out Form.

Step 4

Return Check-Out Form and Access Key Card** packet, by placing them in the Drop Box.

House Rules

  • Check-In/Out: You must always check-in before entering. Check-out before leaving by filling out the Check-Out Form. If you do not check-out, your credit card will be charged until closing (7PM).*
  • $3/hr: Minimum charge is one hour. After the first hour you will be charged $0.75 per 15 minutes.
  • Food and Drinks: Any purchased food or drinks will go on your tab and be settled at check-out. No outside food or drinks.
  • Seating Designation: This product only includes seating in the coworking space; not the bookstore.
  • Semi-Silent Space: Keep your conversation to a minimum.
  • Your tab will be settled before the end of the day with your credit card on file, and your receipt will be emailed to you.
  • Sound-Proof Call Booth Etiquette:
    • Call booths are first-come/first-serve, non-reservable with a strict 30 minutes time limit.
    • Please add your name to the waitlist
    • Once a booth is available:
      • STEP 1: Set your time going in on the clock.
      • STEP 2: Mind your 30-minute time limit.

* You must be 18+ to use the Coworking Space or Conference Room.
** A $10 charge will be applied if you do not return the Access Key Card.